Braga – More than 2000 years of existence gave it a very rich history.

With a history dating back to the Romans – who are considered the founders of the city, and left many traces in the region – Bracara Augusta. It is here that we find the oldest cathedral in the country – the Cathedral of Braga, dating back to the year 1070.

But the main attraction is the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte – UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, one of the most visited religious sites in Portugal, its baroque staircase with more than 570 steps and ornamented with multiple sources themed, funicular-driven water, located next to the stairs.

This spirit can be seen in vital areas such as culture, commerce, gastronomy, industry and services. The city is home to one of the main university centers of Portugal – so it is a fertile ground for innovative ideas and a desire to change the world. Braga has always reinvented itself, following the times of change and helping to define them.
Legendary cuisine

Braga – the heart of Minho, as locals say – is no exception, with a rich cuisine, seasoned by years of experience that delight visitors.