Strzelce Krajeńskie


STRZELCE KRAJEŃSKIE – a town in the Lubuskie province, the capital of the Strzelecko-Drezdenecki district, the seat of Strzelce Krajeńskie urban and rural commune. The town is located
in the south-western part of the Dobiegniewski Lake District in the distance of 26 km northeast of Gorzow Wielkopolski with the national road No. 22. The area of Strzelce is 5 km2, with population of nearly 10,000 people.
Geographic location and land diversity make the area of Strzelce Krajeńskie commune a significant tourist attraction with the number of nature reserves and natural monuments. Numerous forests and water reservoirs form a very good conditions for hiking, cycling, hunting and fishing. Numerous monuments, cultural and sporting infrastructure as well as educational base create an excellent conditions for recreation.
We offer attractive recreational and sports areas, giving the possibility of active recreation both in summer and winter. There are great hiking and biking trails. The Centre for Tourism and Recreation in the nearby village of Długie, with its facilities, forms the summer base for active rest and organization of training camps for children and youth.