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People from all parts of the world associate the United States with big money, as well as economic and military wealth. However, USA is not only about Wall Street, glass skyscrapers of Manhattan and Hollywood hills rising upon the world’s biggest centre of film industry. USA is a country of 50 extraordinary and exciting states, full of wonderful buildings and breathtaking sceneries, which total size is almost thirty times larger than Poland.

In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of dyplomatic relations between the United States and Poland, the most powerful country in the world has become the official partner country of World Travel Show. You may ask what it means. First and foremost, USA will build a unique American Booth to present its finest cultural, ecological and commercial attractions. Beautiful national parks, the dream of children around the world – Disney World Florida, fun filled and luxurious Las Vegas, as well as the main attractions of Texas, Georgia, Michigan and Florida, are all in the US programme at World Travel Show 2018. What is more, The US will be promoting their international student exchange programmes, as well as providing guidance on US visa applications.

It is worth outlining that the United States very rarely take part in such promotional events. Recently, we have only been able to see American booths at the biggest and most well-known trade fairs in the world.

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