IMPORTANT DATES 2017-07-11T11:03:47+00:00


Please remember about the following dates:

  • sending the entry to the Exhibitor Register – as fast as possible upon signature of forms along with signed registration forms not later than (date will be provided soon).
  • registration of the Co-exhibitor – to (date will be provided soon).
  • provision of all due fees – to (date will be provided soon).

If the Exhibitor uses a third-party contractor for stand development:

  • sending to the Organiser’s office of the development plan for the stand for approval – to (date will be provided soon).
  • informing the Organiser about the development higher than 2.5 m – to (date will be provided soon).
  • sending documents confirming fire protection measures for components used for construction and accessories of the stand – to (date will be provided soon).


The stands will be assembled from (date will be provided soon) from 8:00 to 22:00, where large-size components only to 16:00.
The disassembly of the stand, exhibitions and accessories will be started only after the fair ends – (date will be provided soon).

Disassembly must be finisheduntil 24:00 on (date will be provided soon).


Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn has got a parking lot for 15,000 cars at its disposal.

Each Exhibitor will receive, as part of the registration fee, one parking ticket booklet for the entire fair along with the assembly day.

The purchased parking cards can be collected during the Fair at the Organiser’s Office. The card is activated upon entering the area of the Fair. It is forbidden to park lorries (over 3.5 t) and passenger cars taking up more than one parking spot at parking lots near exhibition floors during the Fair.