Żywe Muzeum Piernika



According to Tripadvisor users The Living Museum of Gingebread is number one tourist spot in Torun. Visitors to the Museum travel in time. Twice. First – in the medieval bakery – our guests, both small and big, become craftsmen and they struggle with hard work at the bakery run by the Master and his companions, including the Witch – they prepare dough, they give shapes to gingebread using traditional woodem moulds. Everyone then gets gingebread they made as a very unique souvenir.
In the factory from the turn of the 20th century isn’t much easier either. Visitors aquainted with ways of gingebread production using still in working condition – machines from that period. They also learn how to ice gingerbread under guidance of the artist, who got it down to the fine art.
Our museum with it’s gingebread atmosphere is a perfect venue for business meetings, too.
We get appreciated from viitors from all around the world. We have been rewarded many times and in 2017 we got the major award in tourism in Poland – The Golden Certificate For The Best Product in Tourism in Poland – the most wanted reward in tourism industry.