Województwo Zachodniopomorskie


West Pomerania is a region worth discovering, located in northwestern Poland, on the Baltic Sea, near the border with Germany. You can get there directly from London and Liverpool. The main tourist attraction of the region is the picturesque Baltic Sea coast, where you can find a lot of attractions, but above all numerous high-class hotels (including Wellness & SPA), giving you the opportunity to regenerate and taste exquisite cuisine regardless of the season. Sailors of coastal towns offer a network of modern marinas and marinas with extensive technical facilities. Being at the seaside, it is worth visiting e.g. lighthouses located in Western Pomerania. There are 7 of them there, each of them is different and unique.
Golf courses located in West Pomerania are also noteworthy. Four eighteen-hole fields of the master class, carved in a beautiful, natural landscape among forests and lakes. One of the fields – “Modry Las” was designed by Gary Player himself. The facility quickly gained the recognition of world experts, it is rated as one of the most beautiful fields in the world.
More and more places and routes related to the heritage of the region and Europe are being created in Western Pomerania. It is worth visiting, for example, the medieval village of Slavs and Vikings in the town of Wolin, where the largest Viking festival in Europe takes place every year.
West Pomerania is not only the sea. These are also lake areas giving the opportunity to spend time in an active way. Thanks to the numerous lakes and rivers you can enjoy kayaking (even several days). The routes run through unique areas in terms of nature, e.g. one of the National Parks.
A new attraction in West Pomerania is the R10 Velo Baltica cycling route, which is part of the European network of bicycle routes EURO VELO. The route passes through picturesque areas along the Baltic Sea coast, next to dunes and cliffs. The route includes many amenities for cyclists, boxes and parking lots, counters counting cyclists using the route as well as glowing surface elements. Thanks to its location on the coast, apart from exceptional views, tourists will easily find accommodation in one of the many seaside hotels. There are also many other routes specially prepared for cyclists in the region.