South African Embassy


The Republic of South Africa
We have a population of over 55 million beautiful, warm and friendly people. We have 11 official languages, although English is widely spoken.
This diversity makes our country very appealing to visitors, because we are an eclectic melting pot of cultures!
South Africa offers multiple tourist experiences within close proximity to one another.
Experience an untouched world of perfect hushed silence and raw wildlife moments; free the adventurous spirit within; meet the Rainbow Nation in buzzing cities;
Take a journey of discovery from the roots of all humanity; free your imagination, and let the ocean waves lift your soul or just see where breath-taking nature stretches out in every direction. We have it all!
South Africa is one hour ahead of Poland in winter, during Polish summer, the time is the same. This makes the trip from Poland to South Africa an easy one. It’s as simple as going to bed in Poland and waking up in Johannesburg.
South Africa is honoured to introduce you to our extraordinary country. A land that is not only alive with possibility, immense beauty, wilderness and warm people, but is sure to make everyone’s stays unforgettable.

We welcome you to come and MEET SOUTH AFRICA