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The Warsaw Travelers Festival is an event, which accomodates all expectations of travel lovers.

You will meet the world’s most famous travelers, who will talk about their remarkable adventures and expeditions.

If you wish to meet them more personally – we have prepared “Fan Zone” just for you where you will be able to speak to each and every one of the individuals, drink good tea, receive autographs, or just take a memorable photo.

Don’t wait and buy your ticket today in a promotional price to the Travelers Festival!


Martyna Wojciechowska – Polish TV presenter, journalist, traveller and writer. Since 2009 she has been the hostess of “Woman at the Edge of the World” TV series. In 2010 she completed the “Seven Summit” mountaineering project. Thus she is only the third Polish female adventurer to successfully climb all the seven summits, and the second to perform this feat in a more difficult version than that by Reinhold Messner.

Traveler, kayaker and explorer. The world’s first man to kayak across the Atlantic, from continent to continent using nothing but his muscles. The stories from his journeys can be spoken about for hours yet no one tells his stories better than himself. During our event you will have the occasion to hear all of his amazing stories, first hand from the man himself.

Andrzej Bargiel – alpine skier, climber and runner – is a three-time Ski mountaineering polish champion and also world record holder in peak of Elbrus run. He is a founder of Hic Sunt Leones Project, which involves discovering new skiing areas and showcasing skiing from the highest mountain peaks in the world. Through the years, he has challenged himself to complete some outstanding tasks. Among his achievements are downhill skiing from eight-thousander like Shisha Pangma, Manaslu, Broad Peak and K2 and climbing five seven-thousander’s peaks of White Pantera in a record time.

One of the most famous Polish travellers. Radio journalist and television personality. Writer and publicist. Adored by many for his charisma and amazing storytelling style. At World Travel Show 2018, Wojtek will tell about his expeditions, meet fans and sign autographs.

Ola and Karol Lewandowscy – a couple of 29 year olds travelling around the world in their colourful bus. And since the bus has 9 seats, Ola and Karol are often joined by their friends, blog readers or even strangers. This is how they have visited over 50 countries on 5 continents in the last 7 years. They have driven over 200 thousand kilometers and travelled with more than one hundred people.

Drivenfar – 9 men who travel the world together with their cars. They began over a dozen Years ago and now they have traveled over 200.000 km. They are currently on the road around the globe, as they have finnished their journey from Warszawa-Tokio. When they think of journey they believe it is all about the car, distance taken, in to the unknown and together. They say that they are amateurs. In any case they are amateurs with great passion. Fathers, sons, and entrepreneurs prove that anyone can travel.

She is the winner of this year’s edition of “Travelery”, organised by National Geographic Traveler Poland, in the category of “Online Traveler”, the author of “Globstory” blog – Kaja Kraska!

As he describes himself on the blog – “Hitchhiking has become a key to new opportunities. My real passion are low budget travels. Sport has always been a part of my life”. You can read all his amazing travel stories about Central America or Asia on his blog.

She travels in her own style, planning to stay longer periods in certain places, or even settle down and live. This is the way she got to know her beloved country Oman. She then has decided to share the knowledge on her facebook fanpage “Oman- jedyny kraj na O”, webiste www.omania.pl , and by organising trips to this country.

They describe themselves as “travelers who write about exotic destinations (such as Cuba, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Japan, China or Dubai, but also those local ones in Poland”. Since 2016, they have been travelling with their daughter, whom they want to show the entire world. They focus on planning journeys on their own, so they are keen to share their knowledge and give advice to fellow travellers.

Ewa Chojnowska, the author of blog called “Szpilki w plecaku” simply cannot just stick around. She has travelled around the world. She has lived in China, become a regular visitor to North Korea, but she feels the best in the Equatorial Africa. She has demonstrated her determination and ability to overcome challenges in the Polsat TV show called “Wyspa przetrwania”.

W Szczytowej Formie is a platform to share love, passion and joy given by mountains. Its author- Tomek Habdas – has completed the peaks of Mont Blanc and Elbrus, and next year he is planning on reaching Kilimanjaro. Listen to his wonderful stories during Warsaw Travelers Festival, and fall in love with mountain climbing!

Michał combines his travels with personal developement, which, as he claims himself, helps him explore his own personality. His openness and love of life enable him to form new relationships and break new barries. You can meet him during our event and listen to his stories, which will definitely make you want to travel more!

Agnieszka Grudziąż is an author of the most popular Polish blog about Croatia – cromania.pl. She has been inspiring Polish travelers to visit the country. As a true ambassador for less known and unexplored areas of Croatia, she encourages her readers to try new routes and regions, untouched by the mass tourism. She is also the creator of one of the biggest photography competitions for Croatia lovers in Poland “Twoje zdjęcie w Ambasadzie”, which she has been organising for the last three years, with the support of Croatian Embassy in Warsaw.

Emil Witt- a 23 year old traveler, survivalist, sportsman and guest of Warsaw Travelers Festival 2018 / I edition! For the last five years he has been exploring the forgotten areas of Amazon, which he writes articles, shoots photographs and films about. He is also a tourist guide. You may ask what he does in Poland. He ventures through forests, gives interviews for the media, and delivers lectures and workshops. He has got so much experience, he is often called “a 70 year-old who’s been through a lot”.

Robert Szulc – Why is Eastern Poland still unfairly judged as a second class tourism destination? Where to look for places and stories, which build the true identity of this region? Where to travel, to fully enjoy the blissful and rural atmosphere of Podlasie, Lublin Voivodeship, and Podkarpacie? And finally, what to do and what to avoid to be able to experience and cherish it in the future? You can learn all that from Bartek Szaro, the author of “Paragon z Podróży” blog.

Kuba Rydkodym – a low budget traveller, who started his travelling journey by hitchhiking. This is how he has travelled over 80 thousand kilometeres in 40 countries. He has hitchhiked to Beijing, and managed to make his way through Persian Gulf before getting to Dubai a year later. Currently, he owns a blog called Plecakwspomnien.pl, where he is a true advocate for healthy and active living, despite working a full time job.

Anna and Krzysztof Kobusowie – journalists, photographs, and travellers. They are authors of multimedia presentations and a variety of books, such as creative guidebooks for children “Podróżowniki”, as well as the latest guide on Namibia “Przez pustynię i busz”. They share their experiences and photos through a range of websites: travelphoto.pl, malypodroznik.pl, przewodniknamibia.pl, and africandream.pl.

Karolina Ponzo – she has hitchhiked in India, ridden a motorbike around Israel, and walked the Way of St. James. She has lived in France, England, and Spain. She has travelled alone, in pair, as well as with her two year old daughter. Together, they have dived in Thailand, wandered around safaris in Kenya, marched along the Great Wall of China, explored remote villages in Romania, and much more. They are soon to be leaving for a journey around Central America.

“Zepsuty Kompas” is a blog curated by Monika Masaj, who has fallen in love with hitchhiking. Her travels are often based on common sense and very low budget. She has recently come back to Poland, after two years of travelling around Africa alone. She is particularly interested in the topic of military conflicts, hence why destinations of her journeys are said to be controversial. She has managed to visit countries like: Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Afghanistan. She is currently in Poland, recharging her batteries, as she is planning to leave for another journey…

Monika Witkowska – her entire life is based off of traveling, her favorite being the ones she takes into her own hands with a backpack, nothing like the usual tourist routes. She has visited about 180 countries in the world, the ones on the top of her list include Russia, Pakistan and Sudan. Other than that, she loves the mountains- she gained the Crown of the World, which signifies the highest points of every continents (including Mount Everest). When she comes to our meeting, she will be coming back from her expedition from Manaslu, an eight-thousander in the Himalayas, which is the eight mountain in the world. Monika’s other passions include oceanic sailing – she circumnavigated Horn twice, sailed the Pacific and Atlantic with a yacht and overcame the north-western transition. She runs a site: www.monikawitkowska.pl

Robert has been linking his passion for travelling with organisation of incentive travels for various companies. Even though he has visited five continents, he only started his most important project a year ago. “Świat na raty – moja podróż dookoła świata” is five year long journey, where Robert aims to see one hundred countries and meet one hundred people who love their place on earth. You can read about his extraordinary travels, exciting adventures, flavours and scents of visited places, and 21 ‘instalments’ completed so far, on Robert’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Przemek Skokowski is the author of the award-winning blog, Autostop przez Życie, as well as many travel books. His blog tells about his travels around the world only using autostop and the crossing of one ocean. The last time he publicly spoke was in 2015, this is a great opportunity to hear him once again.

Agnieszka’s TasteAndTravel.pl blog shows us many beautiful photos and shares the stories of her incredible travels into the unexpected. She loves discovering new places and inspiring many to push their physical and psychological boundaries. Over the years she has lived in India, Italy, and Azerbaijan. Her blog, not only talks about her marvelous travels but also about her dream destinations such as Mozambique, Seychelles, and the Maldives.

Natalia Rosiak, the author of the most popular blog about Italy- “Italy by Natalia” will appear at the Warsaw Travelers Festival 2018!
From six years now, Natalia is inspired by her travels to Italy, in which she describes to her readers the country that she herself fell in love with. Far away from museums, classic monuments and common trails, she gets close to the people, nature, cuisine and real life in Italy. From the original “Italy by Drone, the shared author of the guide. During the two lectures will show you two completely different perspectives of Italy.

Autostopem na koniec świata – Michał Sylwester Pater – master of history and traveler, who for years has been traveling around the world hitchhiking, camping in the field and visiting guests at the local population. He supplements his unpredictable adventures with stories about the history and relationships of the people he meets. As the creator, he became famous for expeditions into the wildest corners of Russia, covered on the Youtube channel Autostopem na koniec świata

Traveler, climber. The winner of the Mountain Crown of the Earth in the full version of the 9 peaks. This year, in May, he stood on top of Everest. Member of Everteam. A passion for the mountains inspires during many travel and motivation meetings. He performs on the biggest stages in Poland, this year he will perform on one stage with Nick Vujicić on Życie bez Limitations. Professionally, he has been developing companies and supporting business for 16 years. Lecturer at the Jagiellonian University, AGH and several other universities.

Travels connect people, a special couple will tell about this: Sylwia Bajek and Szczepan Brzeski – Everteam2018 at Warsaw Travelers Festival – Travelmania during World Travel Show2018 !, the only climbers of their kind – a couple in the mountains and in life. In 2018, Szczepan won Mt. Everest and Sylwia became the youngest Pole on Lhotse. An amazing couple who tells you that it is worth fighting for dreams and that the difficulties intensify the appetite and motivate you to act

A trip across the Atlantic, in a boat built by yourself? Possible! Alexander Hanusz is a sailor – traveler who built himself. made of plywood with a 6.5 meter sword boat, where the only cabin was a foldable cabriolet peak, gave it the name “King of Bongo” and threw it on a cruise across the Atlantic. It became famous for expeditions, a small sailboat across the Baltic Sea and behind the wheel Polar in Norway. Come to the Warsaw Travelers Festival – Travelmania during the World Travel Show 2018 and listen to Aleksander’s colorful tale of his 2-year-old sea journey from Portugal to numerous islands in the Caribbean, adorned with many extreme adventures.

A common passion is something that connects Tandem Trip Love, that is Klaudia Jadwiszczyk, Krzysztof Lewicki – extreme travelers, the first in the world who survived 6 winter months living on the road and living in a tent, the first to win Nordkapp in winter on tandem with a trailer and a big dog. As they say – they found themselves in the forest, combined their passion for life close to nature and the desire to discover a new one, in what is already known. Privately, the owners of the outdoor company Dzika Droga; experienced survival instructors, who kidnap young souls into the forest and in a few hours cause them to roll over their heads, showing the wild way of life. Meet Klaudia and Krzysztof at the Warsaw Travelers Festival – Travelmania during the World Travel Show 2018 and find out personally about the secrets of survival.

No matter how or what matters, where do we travel – Polonez Za Kanta is a travel project carried out with the help of Polonez Caro bought for 1000 PLN. During the trips, the advertising space on the vehicle and postcards is sold, and the entire profit is spent on charity. So far, Sicily, Gibraltar and Vladivostok have been visited. Come to the Warsaw Travelers Festival – Travelmania during the World Travel Show 2018 and find out the details of the Polonez Za Kanta’s trip

Learning at school is not only benches, and a blackboard – the Geopers’ Circle “Peneplena”, by means of numerous expeditions, workshops or sightseeing events, shows geography in a practical way. Against costs, students regularly travel around the country and Europe, and their favorite destinations are areas mountain. Find out more about student expeditions during Warsaw Travelers Festival – Travelmania at the World Travel Show 2018!

For this traveler, the passion for the mountains and gaining the biggest peaks connects with professional life and the will to help others – Michał Leksiński is a traveler who visited over 40 countries of the world. He climbed on 5 continents. Collector of the world’s highest bungee jumps. Creator of the charitable project “7 Happy Summits” – Crown of the Earth for the Happy Kids Foundation. Project manager and spokesperson for the Winter National Expedition on K2 17/18, during which he told almost on all continents the course and achievements of the expedition. Listen to Michał’s story about the tops of the biggest mountains at the Warsaw Travelers Festival – Travelmania during the World Travel Show 2018!

Travel is also a family venture – Sergiusz Pinkwart writer, journalist and traveler, a man who set himself a challenge to popularize family trips in Poland. Together with his wife – Magda, a journalist and traveler, they run a blog fordzieckowdrodze.com and the turystyka24.tv. He won Kilimanjaro, sailed around Horn, in Iceland he photographed the northern lights and in the Sahara survived a sandstorm. Find out for yourself about Sergiusz’s travels during Warsaw Travelers Festival – Travelmania at the World Travel Show 2018!

Michał ‘runDOG’ Kiełbasiński. Year 1968. In his youth “Eternal student” (medicine, geography, computer science). He performed many professions, from an employee at height, through the IT industry, own company organizing incentive events up to journalism. In private life: a loner, a passionate of S -F literature, the best friend of all sorts of quadrupeds, photo (very much) amateur. He entered the Great Adventure Trail in 1996, when he became a participant in the legendary Camel Trophy trip, whose route it led from the east to the west of the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Nominated for the National Geographic “Travelers” award and the winner of the “Colossi” distinction in the category of feat, for the winter run of the longest and the most difficult sled dog race race – the Yukon Quest. 1000 miles, -45 ° C, 33 days and nights, one man …

Wheelhairtrip – From the south of Tierra del Fuego through two Americas to Alaska. This path is a test for man and machine. Wheelchairtrip – two friends in wheelchairs challenged the route and by the way – themselves. For 12 months they moved to Landrower Defender, to which they independently designed a number of amenities. At first, when they talked about their plan, they knocked on the forehead. Despite all the adversities, they went on a journey of life. Wheelchairtrip – it’s thousands of miles off South America. The white sands of the Atacama desert, the Amazon cruise to the heart of the jungle – Iquitos, Ayahuasca ceremonies, drowning in mud, tropical diseases, engine explosions and one goal: to prove that you can overcome this murderous route by being disabled. Michał Woroch. A traveler, photographer and speaker. Winner of many awards, among others Travelera 2018 awards in the Travel of the Year category and awards for them. Andrzej Zawada granted by the Chapter of the Colossians. A graduate of design graphics at the University of Arts in Poznań. Organizer of travel and photography projects, which included, among others, Mongolia, India, Spitsbergen and most of the countries of the Americas.

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