Travellers’ Festival

Meetings with travellers, interesting talks, coverages from recent expeditions and valuable advice – it the Travellers’ Festival and its guests that attract tens of thousands of visitors. Even several dozen globetrotters will appear at the Festival over the three days. There are those known from TV and radio and those that share their adventures in books or in traveller’s blogs as well as YouTubers. The following were with us last year: Martyna Wojciechowska, Aleksander Doba, Marek Kamiński, Mateusz Kusznierewicz and Nela Mała Reporterka.

We know the first guests of this year’s edition of the Travellers’ Festival. They are YouTubers who enthusiastically take up travelling adventures and challenges – they go to non-typical places, explore interesting buildings and blaze long forgotten trails. Learn a bit more about them:


Maciej „Wapniak” Wapiński develops the biggest channel on self development in Poland. On his own example, he shows how to develop and improve your life in the “From Zero to Hero” series. He is a man-experiment as there is nothing he would try to learn or explore. He took part in Crossfit competition, went to Greenland, overcome shyness, lost weight, performed a parachute jump, ice-bathed, learnt dynamic shooting, car drifting, poker at a professional level – only time will tell what he will do next. And what for? To show that you can achieve everything in life if you really want it! This is a true manly developmental lifestyle!


The man who knows exactly how to put on a show out of washing powder testing. Master in unmasking imperfections of products and commercials. Thanks to him you will never fall for unfair commercial producers’ tricks again. In between the tests, he co-creates the TubeRaiders channel with his brother SciFun. Travelling is a very broad term, which includes urban exploring. An abandoned mine in the US? Chernobyl? Inaccessible sewers under the city of Poznań? You do not have to convince them long to set out on such journeys. The more further, darker and more mysterious the adventure, the better!

Karol Paciorek

Vlogger, photographer and book writer. He is on YouTube since 2010. He created many online series. Currently, he leads the series of #KWTW – Kto Wie Ten Wie [Who Knows Knows]. He is the author of book entitled ‘Lekko Stronniczy – jeszcze więcej’ [Slightly Partial – Even More] written upon completion of the 1000th episode of the ‘Lekko Stronniczy’ series.


Globstory is a channel inspired by life abroad. Its author – Kaja – lived e.g. in Turkey and Barcelona. According to her, she does not create a typical vlog, but she share titbits, remarks and guides “not so seriously”.

Urbex History

A group of explorers drive by passion to history. They explore and film abandoned places, frequently secret or unavailable for most people. There is a historical motif in each of their materials. They visited many places in Poland, e.g. secret soviet city in Poland – Pstrąże, but also abroad: e.g. Chernobyl, the Radioactive Zone and Prypeć.


Elfik teaches drawing in her channel. She specialises in photorealism and is fascinated with psychology and philosophy of drawing. Apart from strictly tutorial materials, she shares the behind the scenes of a drawer’s life and she gives advice as to which accessories to use and which to avoid totally. Her non-typical looks and deep knowledge won her many young viewers. Some time ago she moved in Tenerife, where she continues her YouTube adventure.

Łowcy Przygód Telewizja

Mysteries, adventures, interesting places, forgotten trails, dark legends, fascinating buildings and many, many more!

So Kayka

The only dance channel of this sort in Poland. Kaja shows how to start your dancing adventure, she gives advice how to train and what to avoid and answers the most frequently asked questions. Apart from this she films vlogs, where she visits various parts of the world.

Kamil – In Travel

Kamil is addicted to travelling! He loves travelling and everything connected with world exploration. He tries to spend all his time actively, aiming at various regions of the world.

Ale lufa!

A channel led by real lovers of climbing. The authors talk about mountains, share details of their adventures awaiting there and show breath-taking views. The materials in the channel have their own unique style and are a must-see for all height lovers!

Camper&Caravan Show

Two full floors of RVs, mobile houses as well as outdoor equipment: camping accessories and touristic, sport and recreation equipment. The offer of the cutting edge Polish and world producers in one place plus a rally of caravanning teams from the entire Europe.

Warsaw Yacht Salon

The mission of the Warsaw Yacht Salon is promotion of the Polish shipbuilding industry. A visit at the Salon will be a great opportunity to get to know such a wide offer of yachts and boats as well as equipment and accessories of Polish and world producers. But wait, there’s more: a new thing in the Salon will also be the Diving Area presenting the entire sector of diving tourism (equipment, diving tours and diving schools).

Asian Culture Festival

Asia impresses all with its exceptional diversity and its cultural differences attract Europeans in a magical way. The Asian Culture Festival is a review of the touristic and cultural offer of that fantastic continent, which has not yet been totally explored by Poles and which is inhabited by many nations. The event gives you opportunity to feel the oriental, Asian climate and become inspired for a real expedition.

Our Festival is a quick trip to Asia in the very heart of Europe:

  • shows of traditional dances,
  • concerts,
  • Dragon Dance,
  • culinary shows and workshops connected with tasting.

Area of Countries and Regions of the World

Come to World Travel Show and live a 3-day trip around the world! In the National and Foreign Tourism Salon attractive countries and regions of the entire world will be presented. We can confirm the participation of touristic, promotional and local government organisations from the following countries and regions:
Belgium – Brussels Capital Region
Belgium – Wallonia – Brussels – Tourism Promotion Office
Cyprus – Cyprian Tourism Organisation
Montenegro – National Tourism Organization Of Montenegro
Czech Republic – Jihomoravský Kraj
Czech Republic – Central Bohemia
Czech Republic – Czech Centre for Touristic Traffic
Georgia – regions: Imereta, Racha, Megrelia
Cuba – Cuban Tourism Board
Cuba – Cuban Embassy in Poland
Lithuania – Kauno Region
Maroko – Moroccan National Tourist Office
Mexico – Mexican Embassy in Poland
Mexico – Sectur – Secretaria De Turismo – Berlin
Germany – Branderburg – region – Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum
Panama – Panamanian Embassy in Poland
Peru – Peruvian Embassy in Poland
Slovakia – Žilinský turistický kraj
Slovakia Bratislava – Slovakia
Slovakia – National Centre for Slovakian Tourism
Slovakia – Visit Kosice – The city of Kosice
Slovenia – I Feel Slovenia
Sweden – Visit Sweden
Great Britain – Visit Kent – region
Ukraine – Rivne Regional State Administration
Ukraine – Vinnytsia Regional State Administration
Venezuela – Venezuelan Embassy
Hungary – Szigetkoz Tdm – Hungarian region
Hungary – Szigetszentmiklós – Kis-Duna mente TDM Nonprofit Kft. – city